Wool Mix Hijab - Emerald

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Extremely lightweight wool mix hijab which is perfect in both hot and cold weather.
The wool mix hijabs are made of extremely pleasant material a mix of wool and cotton, which feels luxurious against your skin. Even though the hijab contains wool it is extremely lightweight and is perfect in hot and cold weather. The emerald is a beautiful shade of green which has a blue undertone this colour will look amazing on both lighter and darker skin tones. This hijab flows beautifully and stays on head effortlessly, which makes the hijab even more comfortable to wear. This is favourite hijab material of one of our co-founders Julia.

Please note that Wool Mix Hijabs are very fragile and we do not recommend using pins with them. If you still wish to wear pins, please use the ones without needles which we offer in our store. If you wish to purchase needles pins you can see them here: Hijab Pins

Measurments 100 cm x 186 cm

Material 85% Cotton, 15% Wool

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