Soft Chiffon Hijab - Sand

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Perfect everyday chiffon - softness and lightness of a feather in extra long scarf!

Soft chiffon hijab is your new favorite hijab. It is extremely light weight and it is effortless to style without needing hijab pins. Light weight and extra long design (200cm) makes it extremely easy to wrap it effortlessly around your head and tuck it under your chin without using pins. Our soft chiffon hijab is made of a feather light and soft chiffon material which allows you to use the hijab even during the hot summer months. Soft chiffon hijab give you a classic and timeless hijab style. Compared to our other chiffon, this is more smooth and thin, when our regular chiffon is structured and more thick. The Sand is a must have nude color that has a warm undertone.

Material 100% Polyester

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