How to take care of your scarves

How to take care of your scarves The Modest OnlineAppropriate care and handling is very important in order to assure that your scarves maintain their beauty for a long time. Here we have presented the most crucial and general instructions on how to wash, keep and wear your scarves in a way that they will remain good as new for as long as possible!

Generally speaking all scarves should be washed either by hand or machine washed in 30 degrees (Celsius) in order to avoid any excess stress on the thin and delicate material. All dark and red scarves should also be washed separately before use because they can release color and stain other clothes during washing. Scarves can also be aired out to avoid washing and it is a good alternative when you only want to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Your scarves will remain tidy and wrinkle-free when kept in hangers instead of a messy pile in a closet. This will also save you from unnecessary washing and musty odors. If worn on the head you can prolong washing the scarf by using an underscarf.